Doug Sloan

Being APEMAN Strong doesn’t necessarily mean you bench 500 pounds or pull 800. 

It is about those who have survived true lows, suffered, faced demons real or in their heads, and are fighting to come back against it all. It is the fighters, the survivors, which we strive to encourage every day, to carry on through their dark places, because it is the downtrodden that still find the courage to rise up that are the strongest of us all.

Take Doug Sloan, for example. 

In March of 2017, he was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. Over time, this type of diabetes can wreak havoc on major organs in one’s body, including the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Eventually, these complications can be disabling or even life-threatening.

That moment, however, was the wake-up call Doug needed, and he decided to make a change. 

“I’m not the most fit person, but I’m working daily to change that,” Doug said with pride. “That diagnosis kicked me into gear for a magnificent journey that I’d go on over the course of about a year.”

At his heaviest, Doug tipped the scale at about 420 pounds. 

“I was super unhealthy and living a life that would leave me dead by 30, if that,” he said. “I fought major battles with depression. I didn’t want my family to have to deal with the stress of my newfound problem. Giving up seemed easy.

“Thankfully I began to fight.”

During Doug’s journey, his insulin usage started to dial back slowly but surely. His shots would last him about two days instead of the everyday shots he had been taking. 

“I took my last shot of insulin on February 27, 2018,” Doug said with a smile. “My next shot would have been on March 1. I’m proud to say I have lost over 100 pounds and have no plans on stopping any time soon. I’ve been going to church and have found strength there, as well.”

Think of where Doug will be in one year… five years… 10 years! 

THAT is APEMAN Strong. 

“The thing that inspires me most about APEMAN is the willingness everyone has that wears that logo to better themselves and never give up,” he said. “The APEMAN brand is built on determination and hard work, and it carries over onto the backs of those who wear the logo. 

“None of us have any desire to quit or stop until we are the best version of ourselves.”