Tylor Black

Growing up, Tyler Black always felt like something was missing.

As if there was a void where something … or someone … should be.

That indelible feeling of “loss” ended up being spot-on. When he was just six-years-old, he found out his parents were actually his grandparents.

“My mother, Terry, had been killed in a car accident when I was just a year old,” Tylor said. “She was a single mother, only 18. I still don’t know my biological father.”

Everyone kind of moved on with their lives, but Tylor had no idea who he actually was. This feeling fostered his anger to a much deeper level.

“I broke up with my girlfriend of three years and I just spiraled downward,” he said. “I never did anything drastic; I just became so indignant, so angry at the world.”

That’s when he found powerlifting.

“A friend showed me a video of Mark Bell squatting over 1,000 pounds and failing at the bottom,” Tylor said. “I researched everything I could on him, and soaked up a ton of powerlifting knowledge.”

Suddenly, Tylor wanted to be the one benching a ton of weight, looking like an animal.

“When I discovered APEMAN, everything changed,” he said. “The psychology of APEMAN changed my life completely. We are not all built the same, but we all bleed red.”

Tylor says the kindness, the determination and drive of being APEMAN STRONG has been the driving force behind continuing to move forward.

“STRONG IN THE STORM is a phrase that has kept me alive,” Tylor said. “Sometimes I feel like my whole life is a storm, but I refuse to give up. I have been forged by adversity and I will never break.”

Everyone is strong in the sun. In the bright and calm air, there is nothing to fear, nothing to cower from. To stand firm in the daylight is an easy feat. But when darkness comes strength is revealed, resolve is uncovered. In the winds of defeat, in the rains of despair, the character of a person holds their feet tightly to the ground for battle or it sends them fleeing for safety. On that day when the light of hope is extinguished from view and the monsters of every doubt swirl over you, you will be unveiled. Self-proclamation of strength in good times is the lie of braggers. Strong in the Storm is the true measure of you.