Brenton Raymond

“I am writing as an entry for my brother. He eats, breaths and lives in your apparel and the messages behind every piece. His name is Brenton Raymond.”

When we read that opening sentence from Brenton’s sister, Brittany, we knew he must be a special guy. For someone’s sister to go out of her way on behalf of her brother (unknowingly), that speaks volumes to his character. 

But Brenton’s story is even deeper than that. 

“Brenton’s story is a little different,” Brittany said. “He didn’t have someone close to him pass away or grow up around drugs. His story started before he was born.”

Brenton is a twin. For many years, he believed he was “twin B.” Or, rather, second fiddle. He and his twin were born six weeks early, and started in this world weighing just four pounds. For the first few months of his life, the NICU was home. 

“When he was around 18-months-old, Brenton got sick,” Brittany said. “He had a rare disease where white blood cells accumulate and from benign tumors all of your body. They were literally scattered everywhere. If he didn’t get it treated, they can cause complications by attaching to bones and organs.”

Doctors told Brenton’s family that he wouldn’t live past three. That didn’t stop Brenton, though. He still has a huge scar where a tumor was removed that broke his femur. 

But miracles do happen, and he’s turning 29-years-old soon.  

“Brenton’s twin brother was always the star athlete,” Brittany said. “He was always stronger and bigger than Brenton. His nickname was ‘Monster.’ Brenton never put in the effort to start weightlifting until he was in his early 20s. I just don’t think he believed in himself enough, and put himself in this ‘box’ that he wasn’t the ‘strong twin.’”

Brenton burst through that box, and now holds the amateur raw powerlifting record for bench in the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Brenton is dedicated to his routine. He works physical labor all week, but makes sure that he hits the gym to train every single night after work. He even gets after it on the weekends with cardio, workouts, and meal-prepping for the upcoming week. However, in between all of this he never loses his priorities of family and friends, he always makes time for life experiences and for the people in his life that mutually share love and support for him.

“All three of my brothers are APEMAN STRONG, but you won’t catch Brenton at the gym without an APEMAN shirt on,” Brittany said. “He is LIFTED, and it brings me so much joy to watch him not only be passionate about something, but to see him believe in himself.”

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