Nicholas Harrelson

In an attempt to alleviate the physical and emotional pain, Nicholas went through a tough period of prescription drug abuse. He tried to hide his issues as he pursued a Master’s degree at Norwich and working for the United States Senate doing VA casework. 

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“Failure has defined my life,” James Teeple said.

Something inside of him is broken and it hasn’t been easy to fix. He grew up surrounded by anger and violence, both inside and outside of his home.

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OvercomeAdam Field
Lee Jackson

“For the second time in two years, I was left without the use of my legs,” he said. “This time I was told that I might never walk without assistance again. I got better and proved them wrong. While I was healthy, I started lifting again. In 2017, I had just gotten into powerlifting when, for the third time in five years, I couldn’t use my legs.

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GhostsAdam Field
Taylor Michael

Taylor was molested for seven years.

First by his own mother, then by her friends.

Sometimes in life, you encounter a situation that is so evil, so incomprehensible that simply living and moving forward seems impossible.

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Overcome, UniteAdam Field
Tylor Black

“When I discovered APEMAN, everything changed,” he said. “The psychology of APEMAN changed my life completely. We are not all built the same, but we all bleed red.”

Tylor says the kindness, the determination and drive of being APEMAN STRONG has been the driving force behind continuing to move forward.

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Brenton Raymond

Doctors told Brenton’s family that he wouldn’t live past three. That didn’t stop Brenton, though. He still has a huge scar where a tumor was removed that broke his femur. 

But miracles do happen, and he’s turning 29-years-old soon.  

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LiftedAdam Field
Jessica Bowersock

For Jessica, powerlifting was the remedy.

“Don't ever let the darkness back in until you’re holding that barbell,” she added. “You've got this. Be strong. Channel your rage. Every moment that brought you here is behind you. Look ahead and create your future.”

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AwakenedAdam Field
Nate Sobon

High school is a hard time in anyone’s life. But throw cancer into the mix? It can be downright hellish. Unfortunately, that’s precisely when Nate was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (stage 2B), a cancer that starts in white blood cells called lymphocytes. 

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Lift AngryAdam Field
Matthew Aires

“It turns out I had multiple herniated discs in my lower back,” Matthew said. “I also had to get part of my neck replaced because of the amount of nerve damage.”

Months and months of intense rehab followed, and that’s when Matthew fell in love with both powerlifting and MMA.

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FightAdam Field
Brian Nelson

“Two years ago, I started going to the gym and watching my diet,” Brian said. “Since that point, I’ve lost 70 pounds, but still have 20-30 to go. I’m in the best shape of my life, and APEMAN has really inspired me throughout the journey.”

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FinishAdam Field
Adam Griffiths

“The whole mentality behind APEMAN is something that I hold dear and channel when I lift,” he said. “It’s amazing to know there is a brand that is sincere, genuine, and greater than popularity and social media likes and shares."

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GhostsAdam Field
Ben York

It’s my sincere hope that if anyone is reading this and going through what seems to be an insurmountable battle, NEVER give up.

Let’s continue “lifting” each other. 

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LiftedAdam Field
Gracie Davis

“Being a recovering addict, I was constantly searching for something outside of myself to fill the void, anything to get away from myself,” Davis said. “I found powerlifting...

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PurposeAdam Field