Laura Cabrera

Sometimes all it takes is verbalizing your goal, no matter how lofty or crazy it may sound to others. 

It almost signifies a silent commitment. Makes it real.  

That’s what Laura Cabrera did. 

“I want to enter the sport of powerlifting,” Laura remembers saying. “I had some doubts and was a little afraid. Someone once told me, ‘You are too fragile too powerlift.’ Those words hurt, but also started a small fire inside me.”

A she began training and lifting, that small fire inside her continued to grow… and grow… and grow to the point she couldn’t stop thinking about her potential. 

“As I began learning the fundamentals and started my strength training, my interest turned into a lifelong passion,” she said. “The small fire that began in 2017 became an immense, strong blaze. The fire inside me gave me the courage to continue on my journey. I started my lifting at a commercial gym, but then took a chance and walked alone into Valley's Gym in Visalia, California. I will never regret this decision. I was inspired by powerlifters that train there and posted on their social media such as Instagram. I joined and the rest is history! I have met the most amazing powerlifters that I am proud to call my friends and be part of their incredible team. They all have helped me so much and I am forever thankful for their help and encouragement.”

The journey wasn’t always a pleasant one. As many of us can relate to, Laura sometimes had to walk her path alone. She would hear the voices telling her she can’t. More than anything, she was afraid she would let her past disappointments and resentment keep her down to the point she may never get back up. 

But the fire inside kept burning…

“Being disappointed is such a painful thing,” Laura said. “All the lost hopes and dreams shattered right in front of you as you learn the painful truth. I never knew of such pain and hurt. But, I took it one day at a time. Walking through the darkness and uncertainty using fear to fuel my courage to remain strong for myself and my son. I need to be his strong mom. He is my biggest motivation. All these weeks of failure and success have culminated into my first powerlifting meet.”

Regardless of the outcome of her powerlifting meet this August, her goal is to step onto the platform and do what she loves: lift. 

“I hope my story helps anyone else out there,” Laura said with passion. “You do not need to accept anything less than your standards. You deserve the bestlife possible. Chase it passionately, and I promise you that as you charge on that journey you will find yourself surrounded with positivity.

“I believed in myself, put myself first and gave myself a chance.”

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