Cory Brown

Cory Brown will never forget that day. 

“August 26, 2014,” he said. “The worst day of my life.”

Cory came home to an empty house.

“My wife and three daughters packed up and left,” Cory remembers. “I knew immediately what was most important: getting them back.”

For all of his adult life, Cory Brown struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism. He’d been in and out of rehab centers and jails since he was 15. For years, he never knew anything other than just staying high. 

“I’ve overdosed three times,” he said. “Drank myself to an oblivion on a daily basis. Destroyed my connection with my parents and two brothers, but ultimately they never gave up on me.”

Almost 40-years-old, with a bag of alcohol in his left hand and a pocket full of dope, Cory dropped to his knees and asked God for help. To free him from the shackles and chains of addiction that had enslaved him for his entire existence. 

“In that instant, I knew I was set free,” Cory said. “I knew immediately as soon as I stood up. I disposed of the alcohol and drugs from my pockets and proceeded to try to convince my wife that something had happened; I was a new man. It took 12 days for them to come back but they did.”

Cory has now gone without a temptation or desire for drugs and alcohol for almost four years. Weightlifting and the Strongman filled the void of Cory’s former addictions. 

He went from a 165-pound addict to a 235-pound healthy and strong individual. 

“I fell in love with it,” he said. “With my very addictive nature, I was hooked. As I started to bulk up and gain strength, I was introduced to the world of Strongman. Once again, I was hooked. I competed several times and qualified to compete at the United States Strongman Nationals in Louisville where I placed 12th in the 220-pound Masters. In 2016 I qualified again and competed in Detroit at Nationals placing 4th.”

Today, Cory is the owner of Samson Strong Meets and Equipment in Illinois. Iron, not dope, is his addiction now… and it gives him a high that can never be matched. 

“It is now my goal to reach as many as possible who may be struggling in slavery to a substance,” Cory said. “There is a way out and it is easy if you approach it with a whole heart.”


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