Elliott Castello

It’s been said that if you want to “identify” a person, don’t ask him where he lives. 

Or what he likes to eat. 

Or his hobbies. 

Nah. Ask him what he livesfor. 

Ask him, in detail, whom he’d risk everything for. 

That’s how you get to know someone. 

For APEMAN Elliott Castello, his life had meaning, but no purpose.

That is, until his wife discovered she was pregnant with their first daughter. 

“Prior to that, I was a good person who did good things but didn’t take care of myself,” he said. “Knowing that I was going to be a father woke me up. Seven years later, I’m now the father of two amazing, confident, strong girls and they inspire me every day.”

In those same seven years, Elliott has gone through two significant back surgeries. He didn’t suffer an injury or have an accident; genetics just dealt him a bad hand. Through a long journey, he realized there is no time to feel sorry for himself. 

Better said: The growth he accomplishes – both physical and mental – is up to him. But he’s taking charge of it. Every. Single. Day. 

Lifting provided him the doorway to gain that control back through his recovery. 

“I’ve recovered fully from each and continue to overcome my scars,” he added. “I show up to the gym fueled by rage. I have ghosts… I have scars… but I also now know I’m mortal.”

His position as the Director of Community Services for The Alpha Group – a nonprofit agency which provides gainful employment, quality rehabilitation, and adult day support services to individuals with disabilities in Delaware – gives him an opportunity to make a difference every day. 

“I spend my days working with individuals with disabilities to help them realize their purpose, their true ‘self’ so they can, in turn, overcome,” he said with passion.

Elliott says it’s up to him to turn any circumstance into action. That’s why he loves the APEMAN brand. 

“It’s straightforward, all business and no BS,” he said. “Through my own roadblocks resulting from past surgeries and degenerative disc challenges, to the emotional and mental fortitude shown by the individuals with disabilities I consider myself so fortunate to work with, the APEMAN mindset is what defines them all.

“We are all LIFTED.”

LiftedAdam Field