John Young

This is one of the most inspirational and unique stories we’ve ever received.

And it came from a brand new baby boy.

John Young and his wife were expecting their first child, a boy, in February. As his wife’s pregnancy progressed, she encountered various health issues and the decision was made to induce her two weeks prior to her due date.

“As first time parents, we were nervous through the whole pregnancy, but especially so as the date of her induction got closer,” John said.

At about 2 a.m. in the morning she was scheduled to be induced, she woke up with stabbing back pains. The little guy had decided to arrive on his own.

“By about 5 a.m. it was apparent we needed to get to the hospital,” John added. “The events of that morning are a blur, but as I was hurriedly getting dressed, my wife made one specific request.”

She asked John if he could wear his APEMAN shirt because it would inspire her to be strong through whatever was about to unfold.  

“It was 5 p.m. and things were still iffy,” he said. “She'd been pushing for most of the afternoon, and the doctors were getting concerned. She was running a fever, and the baby's heart rate was occasionally dropping as she pushed. They discussed the possibility of using instruments to get the baby out, or worst-case scenario, an emergency C-Section.”

Doctors gave his wife about 30 more minutes on her own before they'd try to take the baby out.

“At this point, I told my wife, ‘find your strong’ as she started pushing again with an intensity that gave me chills,” John said. “After about 15 minutes, she pushed him out, no need for instruments or surgery. It's hard to describe this moment in time, other than to say it was a display of pure effort, determination and an inner strength beyond anything I've ever seen.”

John had never been so proud and so in awe. Afterward, his wife told him that she kept looking at his APEMAN shirt for a little extra inspiration.  

“Thanks for making awesome, uplifting stuff that helped us through an uncertain moment in our lives,” John said.

Our pleasure, John. And congrats on your beautiful baby boy!