Jessica Bowersock

Jessica Bowersock had low points before, but this took the cake.

She woke up in jail. No idea what happened, or why she was there.

“All I remember was I was out drinking too much … like usual,” she said. “I was terrified, and tried calling the only two numbers I have memorized. No answer over and over again. The day passed as I sit on a cold and dirty concrete floor thinking that my life was over.”

She did the best she could to remember that night, but no luck. She just laid there and asked herself why she was turning to the bottle.

“The next day I found out that when I arrived in jail, I tried fighting everyone there,” she said. “They nicknamed me, ‘Scrappy.’ The girl I was right next to had killed someone and every time someone asked me what I did, I still had zero memory. At this point, I thought I had killed someone.”

Another day passed.

She called the only two numbers she remembered … again … but still no answer.

Finally, after days in jail, a guard called her name. Her brother had bailed her out.

“Apparently, I drank too much and tried fighting people at the bar,” Jessica said. “I've always had a lot of rage inside of me but I never let it show unless the alcohol takes over. I had struggled with an alcohol addiction for close to five years and just couldn't accept the fact I was an alcoholic. I drank every night. On the weekends, I’d black out. Every single time.”

Needless to say, it was a vicious cycle. Eventually, Jessica had a realization that she’d either end up dead or in jail.

She knew she needed help.

“I decided to hire a trainer and get back in shape,” she said. “But little did I know that it would lead me to powerlifting. I only liked lifting and hated everything else. Powerlifting quickly became my new addiction.”

Shortly after taking up powerlifting, her mindset completely shifted.

“Before it was, I had to drink,” Jessica said. “Now it’s, I have to go to the gym.”

Jessica channeled that innate rage inside her and let it out every training session. She became a different person … a better person … and knew this was going to save her life.

And it did.

“I would not be alive today if it wasn't for powerlifting,” she said with conviction. “To anyone struggling with alcohol addiction: You are not alone. Stop making excuses for yourself and realize you are not going to have a fulfilling life sitting at a barstool watching time pass you by. You are going to find something you love and replace it. Your life will never be the same.”

For Jessica, powerlifting was the remedy. It allowed her to finally believe that you can find a way out of any obstacle. Many times, we are our own worst enemy. The key is to get your head in the right frame of mind and keep it that way.

“Don't ever let the darkness back in until you’re holding that barbell,” she added. “You've got this. Be strong. Channel your rage. Every moment that brought you here is behind you. Look ahead and create your future.”

AwakenedAdam Field