The GHOSTS Tee - "When you were still young in marks upon your heart, when the aspirations you had for yourself were still green; who you could be was born in your mind. And it was not only you that believed in the manifestation of that person, it was others in your life that wished it for you. Those who loved you, but who's faith in you died as your flaws slowly drowned your destined self. It is that departed and forgotten version of you that continues to wake you in the night. A howling of a lost you that never materialized. But you have not finished your journey of who you will be. It is still sunrise. And no one but you will ever see this is the reason you brave the hell you now travel rectifying the wrongs. That each step you take is a step towards quieting the haunting, quieting the GHOSTS of who you were, who you were supposed to be, and of yourself never realized."

The FINISH Tee - "Anyone can start. In fact, people do it a thousand times in their lives. They choose a path. They set out. If the path is effortless, they continue to move forward down it. No barriers will make the journey easy, but it also makes it worth little. If the path is hard, they will stop. Make no mistake, the path to greatness is a treacherous one. It is full of obstacles and difficulties and it is also void of company because people do not have the courage to take it. And that path is what separates the champion from every other person who starts something. And so the realest question to ask yourself is not whether you can begin something, but whether or not you have the heart and desire to FINISH what you set out to do."

The MORTAL Tee - "We are so easily convinced to ignore our inevitable end. That by taking certain actions, living certain ways, avoiding certain things, we will prolong our certain demise indefinitely. But when we turn that blind eye, when we place our trust in these fad ideas of health and immortality, what a tremendous disservice we do ourselves. Without that stark realization of an end that is coming, you cannot live a life with the urgency it warrants nor appreciate the shortness of time you have to do all that you dream. If you fool yourself into believing you can go on forever through certain actions of lifestyle, you fail to ever start to live. There is nothing dark about facing the brevity of the time we have here. Because in truth, the only way to fully experience all life has to give you, is to first accept that you are MORTAL."

The PURPOSE Tee - "An outsider, a loner, that is what you are labeled. But the truth is you cannot afford the distractions of those who would choose to walk aimlessly through their lives on a path towards nothingness. You cannot afford to be pulled into the fray of a mediocre existence. You have always had a drive towards something more. A deeper meaning to why you exist. And like minded people have been impossible to find. So for you all of those hours alone have not really been alone at all, they were spent with your dream, with your passion, with the goal in your life. Early mornings, late nights, all perfecting yourself, all moving forward to a redemption of your outsider status. When all of those around you will be forced to recognize that while their lives are being spent on random moments that do not amount to success, your life is spent chasing down your destined victory. You are the one living a life that has amounted to true significance. Yours is a life of direct and absolute PURPOSE."

The FIGHT Tee - "If you are ever going to achieve something meaningful in this life, it is going to be a fight. The world, people, your own self doubts, are going to do everything in their power to push you down, to stop you. The odds are going to be against you. Your family and friends, are going to lose faith quickly. And in the end, It's going to be you and your heart against it all. People who will fight regardless of the odds, people with that unwillingness to relent, are so rare. But those are also the only people who inspire and they are the only ones who make it to the top of that mountain. So when your back is against that wall, and everything is coming down on you, we are here to tell you to start swinging. Put your fists up and fight. Do not go quietly away. You need to fight. Fight."

The SCARS Tee - "We have such an innate desire to hide the blemishes of our life from the world, to cover up the bad that has happened to us, to deny all of the abuse that life has bestowed upon us. But when we hide away our survived tragedies so no one will see them, we betray our real story as a person. When we have battled our way through abuses, when we have reached points where we felt we could not take another minute yet somehow did, when we made it through the darkest of times; when we tell that story to the world, we show everyone just how strong of a person we really are. And maybe by sharing the remains of those wounds with others, we save their life. Because when we wear our SCARS proudly across our body, we will inspire those in the middle of their own nightmare to go on."

The UNITE Tee - "We are strong. We are independent. We are self-sufficient, rugged individuals. And we have fought our own battles, won our own wars, our entire lives. But there are moments in time, when it is necessary to come together with other sovereign souls. Times when we seek out those kindred crazy spirits that mirror our own. Times when the path that lays at our feet requires a band of brothers to run with us through the dark night. Where there is no quit between us, no retreat, no surrender. And when we come together with others like us, we can achieve things no man can do alone. We push each other. We make each other better. We hold each other up. We never let each other down. When our unit is whole, there is no war too immense for us to wage. We are unbeatable, unstoppable. And we will never taste defeat once we UNITE."

The AWAKENED Tee - "Your mind has been conditioned to believe fulfillment will be just one more dollar ahead of you. Just one more possession away. But you were not born to work in a buildingunder fluorescent lights that slowly drain the spirit from your body. You were never made to trade man made paper money and search for life at night on the television. You were tricked into believing that what you are is in some way related to what you have. But the soul cannot be fooled like the mind. The soul cannot be satisfied by the farce of happiness that society pushes on to it. And so inside you long to be physically challenged. You desire to live as this wild and free enraged spirit that uncages itself in a wanderlust quest for a mano a mano validation of where you truly stand in this world of animals. And it is only in this revival of your soul where the gratification of being truly alive is found. It is only when you are AWAKENED that life will begin for you."

The REBIRTH Tee - "It is not just lifting weights. It is not simply a squat or bench press or deadlift. Rather, it is a reincarnation, a very real shedding of who you were. Of everything you have hated about yourself. Of all of the mistakes of your past. Of all of the shortcomings and self doubts. Of all of the regrets and difficult memories that have weighed upon you for so long. It is a passageway for you into something different. Something new. Something far better. Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes of its former self and into a glorious resurrection, every rep propels you forward towards your inevitable REBIRTH."

The SELF Tee - "It is not for show. It is not for attention or to impress those whose eyes are on me. This grind, this mountain I climb, it has never been about how I look to the world while doing it. This is a quest for a result, for a desired outcome. To win when it matters. You can take your flash, your insecurities that you veil with bravado, and you can keep them. I have not the time for the public production that everyone else endlessly displays day after day. And I have not the worry of other's opinions of me. This is a desire deep in me that I seek to fulfill. The recognition I seek is only found in the finish, not in the path I travel to it. My eyes are open and I see now the need for individuality in a crowd of clowns seeking applause. I will sweat and battle and fight and crawl far away from the lights, alone. Because in the end, this is all about SELF and never for the admiration of the masses."