The day our gym started, Noah brought Adam into the dark, hot warehouse to see the set-up. There was a row of dumbbells laying on the floor. One bench. No mirrors.  And a few pieces of trashed hand-me-down equipment.  Noah was trying to name the gym something fitting. Adam turned to Noah and said, "Worlds Worst.  This is the worlds worst gym."  And the name stuck.

In any struggle in life, suffering develops strength.  This is never more apparent than in the gym. It is for this reason that we embrace the title of Worlds Worst Gym to this day.  We have no air conditioning. No heat. No carpet. No windows. We have no fancy colored or rubber coated weights. No state of the art cardio equipment.  No drinking fountains or locker rooms.  What we have is a warehouse set in the dead summer heat of South Phoenix. Cement floors. Prison grey cinder block walls. An exposed ceiling with insulation and drywall ripped out.  Plenty of old school iron weights and bars. Squat racks and benches.  And plenty of pain and suffering and toughness.