There is an evolution to our strength. While it is placed in each of our souls before our first breath is drawn, it takes time to realize the full power of it. Sometimes through a tragedy our strength rises from inside of us like a phoenix from fire. Or it may be through an illness that our strength is forced through our fibers like the stars through the black night sky. Some have tremendous physical strength, while others have unbreakable mental strength. And still there are those who can carry the weight of their loved ones' broken spirits upon their shoulders with unparalleled emotional strength. No matter the strength that lies inside of you, it is needed in this world. It is up to you to discover it and let it free. Our internal motto at Apeman is Omnibus Viribus Adducere which is Latin for Bring Strength to All. We believe your strength is meant to be shared to lift others from dark places so that they may discover their own strength that will later be shared. This is the cycle. Being strong merely for one's own benefit is a wasted gift. When strength is used to carry others when they need it, to lift people around you when they are down and cannot stand, is the most moving display of personal strength that one can demonstrate.

It is in this spirit that we began our Lifted Campaign as a way to grow the strength, resolve, and fight of our community at Apeman. Every order we send out will include COLLECTIVE STRENGTH, ENDURE THIS NIGHT, and PERSEVERE cards to be shared with people in your life that are needing inspiration as they travel through difficult times in their lives. Or they may simply be needed by you at this moment to remind you of your strength. Either way they are a confirmation that we exist to stand beside one another as we all fight the battle meant for each of us. And like the diversity of the people in the Apeman community, the strength of our tribe is also diverse. You are now part of the collective strength of a movement stronger than any one of us alone.


"I was not always strong. I have not lived every day on top of mountains. There were periods where I found myself in dark valleys. Times that I was low, where I laid down in despair with no intentions of rising again. But each time someone stronger than me came to my side; a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent, even a stranger, and with their strength they pulled me up. They did not give up on me and they raised me to my feet with their resolve and determination. They convinced me with their steadfast spirit to fight on. And had it not been for these people, I would not be strong now. I would not be standing in a place to pull others up who have fallen. And these experiences have taught me that strength, that perseverance, are meaningless if they are not used to allow others around me to be LIFTED as I was when I found myself low."