The LIFTED Campaign

We believe that strength is meant to be shared. That being strong merely for one's own benefit is a wasted gift. When strength is used to carry others when they need it, to lift people around you when they are down and cannot stand, is the most moving display of personal strength that one can demonstrate. And in this vein, we have started The LIFTED Campaign as a way to propel the sharing of strength, resolve, and fight among our community of APEMAN.

"I was not always strong. I have not lived every day on top of mountains. There were periods where I found myself in dark valleys. Times that I was low, where I laid down in despair with no intentions of rising again. But each time someone stronger than me came to my side; a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent, even a stranger, and with their strength they pulled me up. They did not give up on me and they raised me to my feet with their resolve and determination. They convinced me with their steadfast spirit to fight on. And had it not been for these people, I would not be strong now. I would not be standing in a place to pull others up who have fallen. And these experiences have taught me that strength, that perseverance, are meaningless if they are not used to allow others around me to be LIFTED as I was when I found myself low."

Every order we send out will include a PERSEVERE card and sticker to be given to someone in your life that needs the inspiration to go on through a difficult time. 

"The dark will never last forever. Despite the hopelessness that surrounds you, the sunrise is always on the way. It may be another hour, or a day, or even a week; but it is on its way. Your story is not at its end. That emptiness, that doom that covers you like a suffocating blanket will soon recede like the tide of the sea. And it is then when you will rise again. It is then when you will stand and start your next fight. So do not quit now. Do not lay down because of this night. Stay strong. And when the re-creation of you is complete, your strength will be beyond what you have ever known and you will share your story to save another who faces the darkness. You will tell of your comeback. And you will inspire their saving with this same message to PERSEVERE."