"It is not for show. It is not for attention or to impress those whose eyes are on me. This grind, this mountain I climb, it has never been about how I look to the world while doing it. This is a quest for a result, for a desired outcome. To win when it matters. You can take your flash, your insecurities that you veil with bravado, and you can keep them. I have not the time for the public production that everyone else endlessly displays day after day. And I have not the worry of other's opinions of me. This is a desire deep in me that I seek to fulfill. The recognition I seek is only found in the finish, not in the path I travel to it. My eyes are open and I see now the need for individuality in a crowd of clowns seeking applause. I will sweat and battle and fight and crawl far away from the lights, alone. Because in the end, this is all about SELF and never for the admiration of the masses."

Blend Jersey, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.  Fabric Laundered. Extremely soft, comfortable, great recovery and stretch. Athletic fit.

Athletic gray shirt.  Black print.

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