"I once read that scientists were able to determine that the human soul weighs 21 GRAMS. We spend our lives achieving. All of our hours comparing our accolades to our neighbors. Small things like the car we drive and the house where we reside. We run in circles of outdoing our friends in where we went to school, how much money we earn, how our bodies look, the careers we have, or even the achievements of our children. Yet all that will remain in the end of everything we try to build is 21 GRAMS. Everything else will fall as dust to the earth. It is imperative that the purpose behind each training session, competition, fight, personal goal you choose is to strengthen and heal the fractures in your soul; to make it strong and whole. It is to make your spirit vibrant, and to lift the broken souls around you, to inspire them with hope of overcoming that which pains them. The part of you shared with this world that matters is the energy that comes from inside of you and never your possessions, accomplishments, or appearance on the outside because in the end 21 GRAMS is all that will remain."

Blend Jersey, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.  Fabric laundered. Extremely soft, comfortable, great recovery and stretch. Athletic fit.

Charcoal shirt. Red and white print.

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