“There are those who are not as outwardly strong. Quiet. Meek. Unassuming. And there are some who view them as opportunity, opportunity to inflict their own insecurities upon them as dominance. But the strongest will not allow this. We will not stand to see another be bullied, oppressed. We will raise the mild up. We will protect, encourage, bring confidence to them. For there is a depth of strength when the tribe is complete that will be unrivaled as it is built using every individual who forms it. We will not be separated by the influences of outsiders. Left or right has no meaning for those enlightened. We will stand together, protecting each other as the winds close in on all side. We do this because it is deep within us, not because we are told. When the tides rise, we will all rise. When the tides fall, we will all fall. We hold together above the cliques, and groupings, and classifications, and politics. From the many, we are ONE.” 

Blend Jersey, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.  Fabric laundered. Extremely soft, comfortable, great recovery and stretch. Athletic fit.

Black shirt. Gray print.

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