“Your success in this life is entirely dependent on your belief in yourself. Those who ultimately win have no less detractors than the ones who lose, they simply refuse to acknowledge them. They are deaf to the doubters, blind to the critics. They face no less obstacles on their ascent, but their vision is cast beyond them. They will not be derailed. The struggle to the top is not determined by the height you will climb, but by the weight of the doubt you allow to attach to your every step. You are bombarded with negativity, with cants, with every cynical thought of those who profess themselves as friends. You are reminded in every step that it cannot be done and battle the plague of self-loathing.  But you will not relent. You are willing to push forward through any amount of darkness. This is when you will rise up and overcome. This is your time to take your victory. This is when you find your strength to fight. This is when failure meets its death. This is when your reign begins as you stand DEFIANT to it all.”

Blend Jersey, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester.  Fabric Laundered. Extremely soft, comfortable, great recovery and stretch. Athletic fit.

Indigo blue shirt. Athletic black print.

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