You know what the howls of the wolves haunting the darkness bring. You see the ravens with their stark blackness against the night sky, eyes set upon you, pulling the storm over you. You have traveled through valleys and over mountains to stand upon this open plain. The horizon stretches around you like a painting, but there is no shelter in the openness. There is no where to run. The hell is imminent in the charcoal sky over you. Yet, there is a calmness, a stillness in you. You bare the scars of a battle worn soul, but also boast all the strength of a battle tested spirit. Somewhere from the depths of your body a defiant scream rises. Bring the wolves. Bring the ravens. Bring the storm. For you know there cannot be the destined victory until there is first this final war. This is your moment. This is your fight. There will be no quit. There will be no steps backwards. Your mind will not break. Your spirit will not bend. You will charge forward with every fiber of your being into the lightning flashed dark in search of the bloodshed. You will persevere through this final night. After the battle is won, the strength of the wolves, of the ravens, of the storm, will be part of you. And in the clear sky beyond these rains is the meaning for your life, is your purpose. You simply must ENDURE THIS NIGHT.