CB Dollaway Personifies Grit, Resilience


By Ben York

The sport of mixed martial arts has evolved into an odd hybrid of WWE hype and unrelenting violence.

That is to say, the pre-fight war of words has now become mandatory – to the point where the audience wishes for unabashed animosity between the two gladiators.

Fighters are seemingly forced to step outside of their comfort zone and say the most outlandish thing possible, day after day, for weeks leading up to the actual fight.

In truth, the back and forth is pointless and, frankly, dumb.

It’s just for show. But that’s the game.

Adapting to the norm, however, is a conscious choice. When someone refuses to do so, it’s refreshing beyond words.

APEMAN, CB Dollaway, is the perfect example.

Better said, The Doberman is a welcome breath of fresh air in modern day MMA.

There’s no bullshit with Dollaway; he’s a fighter through and through. No need for showmanship or words.

Just fight.

Maybe the resilience is because nothing was ever fast-tracked for Dollaway, and he’s earned every single one of his accolades. Growing up in a small town in Ohio surrounded by corn fields and a llama farm, Dollaway’s insatiable grit was simply a natural byproduct of his environment.  

Call it “old school.” Call it “traditional.” Whatever it is, Dollaway embodies this blue-collar work ethic.

In many ways, the very same adjectives you’d use to describe the essence of wrestling or martial arts are the same ones you’d use to characterize Dollaway: discipline, selfless, sacrifice, honor and hard work.

To Dollaway, though, none of the compliments matter. After all, you’re only as good as your last fight.

(And Dollaway was pretty damn good.)

A quick look at his Instagram account features dozens of photos of his daughter – the reason he fights. It’s been said that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Dollaway has shown the world he’s a soft-spoken, dedicated father and legitimate bad-ass filled with character and integrity.

And a shit-ton of grit.