Training camp starts again for Apeman Athletes Ryan Bader and CB Dollaway. This episode also features Daniel Sarafian, Seth Baczynski, Jordan Larson, and Javier Torres.

Day two of the 2017 Record Breakers Powerlifting Competition featuring the women's divisions. Gina Aversa and Stephanie Cohen set All Time Deadlift World Records. 

Day one of the 2017 Record Breakers Powerlifting Competition. Cailer Woolam sets the All Time World Record Deadlift with a pull of 928lbs at 220lbs. 

A riveting look at the mentality of one of the strongest men to ever live, Brian Shaw, the 4-Times World's Strongest Man. 

Army Veteran and APEMAN Athlete KC Mitchell became the first amputee to successful complete a USPA Powerlifting Competition in the Open Division.

On this episode of UNCAGED, Ryan Bader, CB Dollaway, and Seth Baczynski continue their verbal sparring as friends and teammates.

APEMAN Athlete Steve Johnson competes in the 2017 US Open totaling 2,127 pounds. 

In Episode 2 we see a glimpse of Ryan Bader's life away from the cage and the methods he uses to recover from workouts.

On this episode of RAW, APEMAN JP Price visits us at the Worlds Worst Gym in Arizona.

In this series we follow the fight camps of Bellator Light Heavyweight Ryan Bader and UFC Light Heavyweight CB Dollaway.

The first trip on our APEMAN tour is to the city of Chicago to train with the legendary Ed Coan. 

On this episode of RAW we visit the greatest powerlifter of all time, Ed Coan.

On this episode of RAW we speak with APEMAN Athlete Janel Vegter.

On this episode of RAW we film a midnight squat session with APEMAN KC Mitchell.

APEMAN Athlete Steve Johnson about challenges in his life including homelessness and drug abuse by those closest to him. 

This episode of RAW documents both a bench and deadlift session with APEMAN Athletes KC Mitchell and Luigi Fagiani. 

In this episode of Uncaged CB Dollaway shares information on his new non-profit venture named Vets and Adventures.

On this episode of RAW we train with APEMAN KC Mitchell as he prepares for his first full power meet. 

USPA American Cup Powerlifting - LA Fit Expo 2016. Featuring APEMAN Athlete Brandon Allen.

USPA Powerlifting Nationals - Las Vegas, NV 2015. Powerlifters Brandon Allen and Luigi Fagiani.

USPA California State Championships 2015. Adam Rodriguez totalling 1956 pounds.

This episode of RAW takes a look at Brandon Allen, an elite powerlifter in the 308 pound division. 

On this episode of RAW we film Apeman Athlete Brandon Allen during a squat session.

We travel with APEMAN Athlete Tom Finn to the 2017 Dallas Fitcon. Part 1.

On this episode of RAW we film APEMAN Luigi Fagiani. 


APEMAN | WITHIN is a behind the scenes vlog series documenting the building of the APEMAN brand and the athletes it sponsors.  The series follows the Field brothers, the founders of APEMAN, on their journey to grow a company while simultaneously trying to bring mainstream exposure to a sport they love, Powerlifting.  APEMAN | WITHIN takes you inside the daily business of APEMAN as well as exclusive raw footage of competitions, training sessions, and the personal accounts of numerous athletes in the sport of Powerlifting.  The vlog installments can be found on the APEMAN YouTube Channel.