Apeman Tribe Centurion Level

Apeman Tribe Centurion Level

25.00 every month

Get the new CAUSE shirt each month sent to your home or office without having to take the time to place an order, and for $2 below the normal price.

How It Works

  1. Select Your Size

  2. Enter Your Preferred Mailing Address, Billing Card, and Create Your Account at Checkout

  3. Your Card Will be Charged and Your Cause Shirt Will Ship Each Month on the Same Day of the Month You First Registered for the Program

  4. You Will Receive a Tracking Email

  5. Check Your Mailbox

  6. Wear Your Apeman Strong Tee

  7. Smile Because We Donated $5 of the Monthly Membership Fee to Charity and You Effected Changed in Another’s Life.

Our FREE return and exchange policy will still apply to all orders placed within the US. Your plan will renew each month on the same day of the month you first joined the program. You can cancel anytime by simply logging into your account.

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